Swim School Serving Lancaster, NY

Lancaster is a town in Erie County, New York. It is a suburb of the city of Buffalo located just 14 miles east of its downtown area. The town covers an area of 38 square miles and is the home of more than 45,000 residents. There are many bodies of water throughout the area such as Walden Pond Park, Cayuga Creek, Ellicott Creek, Little Buffalo Creek, and many more.

Water is our lifeline. We could not live without it. It also has become a source of power, food, and recreational activities. Water can also become deadly. We flock to water, especially in the summer, to fish, go boating, and swim. Living in Lancaster means that you are always around large bodies of water where you can drown if you do not know how to swim. Thankfully, you can learn through group and private swimming lessons. It does not matter if it is for yourself or your child. It is never too late to learn to swim.


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Michael Phelps Swimming is a swim school serving the Lancaster, NY community. Teaching children to swim as early as they can is important to their safety. Children are naturally curious and may try to go into a pool, lake, or creek. If they do not know how to swim, it can be disastrous. Swimming is also great exercise. It is an all-body workout while also being low impact on joints and bones. Contact us today to sign up for swimming lessons!