Parent & Child Programming

Get Wet Parent & Child Class

Get Wet is our introductory class for children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years old. At 3 years old, we believe that children will do well in a class without a parent. Until that time we want the support and loving nature of a parent or caregiver experiencing the water with the child.

In the Get Wet class we hope:

  • To provide an opportunity for an adult and young child to have FUN together in the water.
  • To educate the parents on how to work with their child in the water and begin to teach basic water safety skills with an emphasis on having FUN and developing comfort in the water.
  • Our intent is for each child to have an opportunity to enjoy the water with someone who loves them, which will make an easy transition to lessons with an instructor and no parent.

Parent / Child Pre-Beginner Class

The Parent / Child Pre-Beginner is Step 2 of our AMAZING Get Wet Program!

The Parent / Child Pre-Beginner Class will introduce students to the skills of a Pre-Beginner class while utilizing the parent as a child’s first teacher. Parent / Child Pre-Beginner is designed as the next step for those participating in the Get Wet program and as a way to catch young children that may not be ready for the Pre-Beginner class even though they have met the age requirement of 3.

Small Group Instruction Levels (Parents Are Not In The Water With The Child)

Please use the group level descriptions below to help you select the correct group level to register in. A student must meet the prior level's Advancement Criteria in order to register into a group. Current students should never register within a higher level without authorization from management.

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Custom Swim Programs

Proudly serving communities, schools, organizations, teams,
and individuals throughout Western NY.

Class Duration Details Registration
Get Wet 30 min 6 months - 3 years REGISTER NOW
Parent / Child Pre-Beginner 30 min Ages 3+ REGISTER NOW
Class Duration Details Registration
Pre-Beginner 1 30 min Ages 3+ REGISTER NOW
Pre-Beginner 2 30 min Ages 3+ REGISTER NOW
Beginner 1 30 min Ages 3+ REGISTER NOW
Beginner 2 30 min Ages 4+ REGISTER NOW
Advanced Beginner 30 min Ages 4+ REGISTER NOW
Class Duration Details Registration
Private Lesson 30 min Ages 6 months+ REGISTER NOW
Semi-Private Lesson 30 min Ages 6 months+ REGISTER NOW

“I was first introduced to the sport of swimming through the very same water safety instruction we offer at the Michael Phelps Swim School, and am proud to now be in a position where we can make this great programming available to even more people through the affiliation with Velocity Aquatics.”

- Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps Swimming is a learn-to-swim program for all ages and abilities. Swim classes include personal safety, stroke development, water sports and games, personal growth, and rescue skills. Our top priority is to ensure that each student has an opportunity to become comfortable, confident and safe in and around the water.